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Advanced Jewelry Sales

DCA’s Advanced Jewelry Sales Course is the perfect complement to our Diamond and Colored Gemstone courses. It provides students with a triangulated and in-depth analysis of the selling process, approaching the sale from the three key standpoints of customers, communications, and merchandise.

First, the coursework offers a detailed look into the generational differences sales associates now face in working with customers. Thus, it explains how to communicate with a “Millennial” or “Gen Xer” as opposed to a “Baby Boomer.” The course also explores the merchandising aspect of sales, explaining how different jewelry products fit the wants, needs, and desires of customers, and how best to communicate all-important product knowledge.

Finally, the course emphasizes the role of sales associates and their responsibility to effectively serve and care for customers. By combining these approaches, the Advanced Jewelry Sales Course will provide the DCA student with a calculated and specific path to understanding and effectively participating in the selling process, as it has come to exist in today’s challenging and changing marketplace.