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The Diamond Course

The Diamond Course brings learning to life for the front-line sales associate. This e-learning course is designed to help the student apply newly learned information quickly and efficiently. As bits of knowledge are presented, the course describes how to use them in sales and everyday store operations. Through practice modules and exercises, the student develops skills along with knowledge.

The Diamond Course presents a complete discussion of the subject of diamonds in 22 lessons divided into three general sections:

Section 1 provides the essential information associates need to be professional and accurate in a sales presentation: the 4 C's - carat weight, color, clarity, and cut, and the details surrounding diamond jewelry materials, styles and manufacturing.

Section 2 provides important background and industry information, covering topics including diamond formation, physical and optical properties, sources, current mining industry standards and processes, diamond cutting, the diamond market, and industry contributions to people, communities and ecosystems worldwide. This section also addresses the critical topics of lab-grown diamonds and diamond treatments and simulants.

Section 3 presents the knowledge and skills required for success in jewelry retailing today - including how to clean diamond jewelry, how to display diamond jewelry, how to present diamonds to consumers, selling tools, the selling process, customer service and professionalism.

The Diamond Course is presented in an easy-to-read e-learning format, and includes numerous photographs, charts, videos and interactive elements. The course is delivered online and may be taken at the student's own pace; 6-10 months is the anticipated completion time, although students may easily finish sooner.